Civil Engineering and Construction Documents

Construction Plan

Carter Run provides full Civil Engineering Services including, but not limited to, Commercial Site Plans, Residential Subdivision Plans, Multi-family Residential Site Plans, Roadway Plans, Utility Main Line Plans, Design/Build projects and Rezoning/Special Use Plans. Carter Run is licensed in multiple states and is capable of being licensed in most any state if so needed. Carter Run backs up creative and problem solving design with clear and precise construction documents.

Concept Plans and Sketches

Concept Plan

Carter Run can prepare all level of concept plans, from a quick fit sketch to a fully detailed and tenant specific REC (Real Estate Committee) plan. Having worked with various national tenants, we understand the rigors that are placed upon the developer in order to close a deal. Carter Run has prepared hundreds of "test fit" plans for commercial properties all over the east coast. These are prepared quickly and allow clients to decide whether further pursuit of a commercial parcel is warranted for a minimal charge.

Site Assessment and Due Diligence

Site Assessment

Carter Run offers a thorough due diligence service, offering reports that are specific to what the client is intending to do on the property. Additionally, based on due diligence reports done by Carter Run (or others), we are able to give an unbiased assessment of the suitability of a site for a tenants intended purpose.

Conceptual and Preliminary Engineering

Preliminary Plan

Carter Run has the personnel, qualifications and experience to do all conceptual and preliminary engineering for any land development project. The personnel at Carter Run has vast and varied experience with construction and understands what is needed to prepare budget and pricing documents in a timely and efficient manner to assist with developing project budgets and feasibility. We will make sure that we are meeting the requirements and vision of the client, while making decisions that will not only allow for realistic budgets but save money during construction. We make full use of Civil 3D for grading and surfaces, allowing quick changes and volume take-off calculations.

Rezoning and Special Use Permits

Rezone Plan

Carter Run offers a full compliment of zoning services, including zoning review, special use permits and rezoning applications. We can prepare the plans and coordinate with other sub-consultants for needed reports and studies. Carter Run can also submit, process and receive these permits and applications. In more complex cases, Carter Run will recommend an appropriate Land Use Attorney to assist in these approvals and then assist the Land Use Attorney in these efforts.